Columbia Jones

July 15, 7-10pm

Location: Slice & Biscuit 125 E 2nd St. Downtown Moscow

Growing up in rural southern Maine, Columbia Jones jumped on a train at the age of 22 to pursue his passion of being a musician in a big city. An impressive drummer and studio engineer, Columbia saw himself in the Spring of 2016 facing medical bills, a struggling studio, and the gigs just not happening as a drummer. So, a one time regular gigging guitarist, he bought a small foot tambourine and hit the streets with his guitar and a bass drum. Calling his music Blue Collar Blues, he crooned to passersby of his lack of money, heartbreak, bad health, and the dread of becoming a father in true blues fashion. Soon, folks at the local farmers market he played were asking for his CDs and begging him to come back. Now he plays gigs small and large, singing with a true chip on his shoulder and deep passion for every word he says.