Holus Bolus

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Location: Slice & Biscuit, 125 E 2nd St. Downtown Moscow

Holus Bolus means ‘All At Once’.  Holus Bolus is one person, multi-instrumentalist Tom Boylan.  Referrred to as the “One-Man-Psychedelic-Acousti-loop” artist, Holus Bolus is the modern take on what a one-man-band is in this day and age.  Outfitted with a small drum-kit and an acoustic guitar with some foot pedals, Holus Bolus builds songs one layer at a time, coalescing into one sound that’s acoustic-psychedelic groove-rock.  “It’s like a philosopher-juggler….you throw up one ball at a time until you get a good thing going, then vocalize about life, love, aliens, and existence….all at once”, says Tom.

Based in Crescent City, CA, Holus Bolus has toured extensively throughout the West Coast and the Pacific  Northwest for the last 10-odd years building a devoted audience of people who love live music.  In 2016, Holus Bolus not only continued touring throughout the west, from Washington to New Mexico, but also performed at multiple festivals, including the Sawtooth Valley Gathering in Stanley, ID, The Wool Festival in Taos, NM, and the Barter Faire in Takilma, OR.

Holus Bolus has released two full-length albums, The Work Of The Ether (2010), and Time Machine (2012) as well as an E.P., 100 Feet Tall under the shortened name of HoBo.  Currently working on a fourth album while continually touring and playing live shows, Holus Bolus continues to push modern recording, touring, performing, and instrumentalism to the next level.

Fan review from Amazon.com (France) of 2010’s, The Work Of The Ether album:
“The masterpiece of Tom Boylan, the ‘one man band’ from Crescent City, California.  In fact, it is he who does everything in this album: vocals, guitars, bass and drums. The sound ‘modern psychadelic’ is the rendezvous. A delight for the ears and mind. To listen for those moments when you want to be relaxed. For me, it is especially at night or after a day of surfing in Lacanau. For the price, you can not go wrong. Everything is, therefore, do not hesitate. This album represents the work that is several years in the berceux rock psychadelic: Northern California.  Recommended for those looking for an album with his original and touching. Bravo, Tom.